Whether you want a quick haircut, or a full luxury pampering, our unisex Salon Daniela is here for your every need. From short to long and from spring to fall, we have you covered with the perfect hairstyles for any age and occasion.
Located in the heart of Altamonte springs the salon is a custom, creatively designed space with a very unique look. The cozy atmosphere and welcoming reception provide a personalized comfort and will make you feel at home. Hair Salon Daniela is more than a salon it’s a place where people share stories, built relationships, and lough loud.

Salon Daniela’s vision is based on the individualistic approach to a beauty. There are a lot of costumers that come all over the world. As we talk to them, we understand and feel what is going on, and how their lifestyles, work environments, family issues, and stress levels are different. We always make sure our customers are relaxed and will enjoy our service. Our job is making our guests beautiful on the inside and feel the influence the beauty inside of them to shine with confidence, positivity and peace.

So, stop by soon! We look forward to making your day a little brighter!