Hair cutting and styling

At Hair salon Daniela, we understand that getting a haircut isn’t just about the haircut, it’s about a complete experience. We know you want your hair look good and we know how to achieve that, while being attentive to all the details: head shape, hair structure, face type and so on.

Guest will experience a full consultation prior to the haircut where hair concerns or issues are addressed and expectations are established. A precision haircut followed by a blow dry to refine and ensure the upmost satisfaction with the final look.

hair styling

Hair coloring and Highlighting

hair coloring

This season, let’s start fresh — with a fresh hair color, that is. So far, hair color trends are literally mixing it up, suggesting modern gray hues, the subtlest highlights you can imagine and hair color that seamlessly slims your face.

Our colorist will custom design a formula that will compliment your natural color or create an entire new look. We offer a free consultation and a blow dry with all our color service.


Do you love your natural color (obviously, it’s what makes you YOU) but want to give it a color boost? Perhaps you love your friend’s rich, chocolate-y brown this season, or are thinking about taking your natural brown hair to golden brown? A demi-permanent color service lets you change your look without the commitment, as the color will fade gradually over time and will not require the kind of routine maintenance needed with permanent color. Plus, it’ll leave your hair soft and shiny.

Grey Coverage

Have you just spotted your 1st (or 10th…) grey hair and are debating what to do? Grey hair is a fact of life for many, but it doesn’t have to ruin your day.
Consider a demi-permanent haircolor service – it is the perfect introduction to haircolor as you’ll be able to keep your natural color and cover your greys. Plus, it will add shine to your hair, leaving it incredibly soft and conditioned.


INOA – Ammonia Free Hair color

Enhance your natural color with our ammonia free hair color designed to restore vibrancy to your hair. Our no ammonia hair colorant is perfect for a subtle, yet effective hair coloring results that can even cover up the first signs of grey hair.


A Glossing service is a demi-permanent color service that enhances, enriches and tones natural or color-treated hair. It is typically best on blondes to help brighten and tone dull or brassy color. It also adds shine and provides intense care for your hair, leaving it looking soft and beautiful. Get a Glossing service about 4-6 weeks after your regular salon appointment to enhance or maintain your color. Typically, a Gloss will last 6-8 weeks and will fade gradually – perfect timing for your next regular salon visit!


The term Ombré comes from the French word meaning “to shade,” and describes the gradual blending of one color to another. In most cases the hair gets lighter from the mid-length through the ends. It looks beautiful on all hair lengths and textures and gives anyone an instant edge.


Balayage is a coloring technique used to create sun-kissed, natural-looking highlights. Used as an alternative to foil highlighting, hair color or lightener is swept or painted onto the individual hair strand to create depth, lightness and dimension.  The method originated in France in the 1970s. The word “Balayage” actually comes from the French word “to sweep.”
Balayage hair painting isn’t just for blondes or one type of haircut. It is also perfect for brunettes and redheads that want a subtle, sun-kissed look. Balayage can enhance almost any haircut, length or texture. You can customize your cut by adding dimension with Balayage to show off the shape.


From foils to balayage, highlights can instantly add dimension and movement to your hair. Find the right highlighting method for your hair.

vibrant hair colorColorful Hair

Vibrant and pastel hair colors have become some of the hottest fashion trends, with whimsical styles like mermaid, unicorn and sunset. Fashion Tones is the nickname of these bright unnatural shades. Since these fashion tones: blue, pink, purple, green or any color you can invent with the color wheel, aren’t natural tones found living in the hair, they also do not remain in the hair. Visit our salon to try out a super chic rose gold tone that you saw in a fashion magazine, and you will likely see no evidence of that color remaining in your hair after 8 to 12 shampoos. These tones simply do not cling to the surface of the hair because they are they are unable to fully penetrate the hair shaft in the first place. A good rule of thumb is that darker the selected fashion tone, the longer it will last. Deep, bold purple is going to last you a bit longer than a muted soft lilac. You need to know that when doing these vibrant colors, it’s necessary to pre-lighten the hair to a pale blonde. It’s easy if your hair is naturally light.


L’Oréal Professionnel’s semi-permanent hair color line is amazing for temporary vibrant or pastel results.
Our streamlined palette of 8 true-to-tone shades offer unlimited possibilities. Shades include:
• Caribbean Blue
• Navy Blue
• Hypnotic Magenta
• Electric Purple
• Sunset Coral
• Pink Sorbet
• Yellow Sun
• Red Lipstick
• Crystal Clear

Our portfolio allows to create beautiful COLORFUL HAIR for every client. All shades can be mixed for different combinations and your own signature formulas!

Hair Treatments

Give your hair what it really needs. Damaged hair is one of the biggest concerns for women. Damage can be caused by many factors such as sun exposure, chemical treatments or heat styling.

We offer a specialized system of treatments for each level of damage. Our stylist will apply the proper in salon treatments based on your evaluation and provide personalized haircare advice for an ideal at-home follow up.

hair treatments

L’Oreal strengthening mask treatment

Indulgent reinforcing formula for normal to fragile hair infused with vitamin B6 and Biotin, for instant reduction of breakage and intense conditioning. Hair is more resistant and stronger with continued use.

SMARTBOND – New Bond Straightening System

The perfect complement to L’Oreal Professional Color and lighteners Smartbond is a new bond straightening system that protects and strengthens the hair during technical service. The treatment works to actively rebuilt the broken disulphide bonds within the hair that can break during chemical processes, particularly as a result of coloring and/or using heated hair tools. The revolutionary new product is redefining the way hair is color, formulated by a team of top industry scientist with proven results.

Hair Salon Daniela’s team is extremely proud to join the world’s best salons offering SMARTBOND to clients seeking a transformational hair treatment and allowing them to experiment with hair color more than ever.

Serie Expert Powermix

Serie Expert Powermix is a transformative treatment available for all hair concerns: shine, smoothness, repair, strength or nutrition. After an in-salon consultation, the stylist mixes two liquids that instantly transform into a gel-mask before your eyes. With highly concentrated pure ingredients, your hair will be lest hydrated with softness and shine.


Stay beautiful with personalize waxing services, from eyebrow to full arm hair removal. Our mission is to give a quick, efficient, affordable waxing without compromising on quality.